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Director of Associational Missions



Principal Function: The Director of Associational Missions is responsible to the Association, and will serve the Associational Executive Board as General Leader of the association, to minister to the churches and Church Leaders, and as Missions Strategist.


  1. General Leader of the Association
    1. Coordinate and serve as Adviser in all Associational programs
    2. Promote a thoroughly grounded Southern Baptist program of work.
    3. Periodically develop and present for Associational approval a strategy to guide the work of the Association. Work with Associational pastors, leaders, and teams to implement the strategy.
    4. Serve as Coordinator of the Ministry Teams and work with them in developing appropriate objectives and goals to be approved by the Association.
    5. Maintain business-like operation of the Associational office including supervision of staff, editing and publishing regular publications, provide financial and property management.
    6. Relate to other Associations, state conventions, Southern Baptist Convention, other Baptist bodies, and other denominations as opportunity presents itself.
    7. Relate to appropriate business, social, educational, city, county, state, and national governments as appropriate.
  2. Minister to Churches and to Church Leaders
    1. Counsel church staff and families as needed and requested.
    2. Counsel churches as needed and requested.
    3. Assist pastors and churches as needed and requested in securing a pulpit supply.
    4. Assist and counsel with staff Search Committees as needed and requested.
    5. Orient new staff in the Association.
    6. Be available to serve our churches in areas where he is spiritually gifted.
    7. Work with appropriate ministry teams to develop ministerial support systems and provide growth opportunities for church staffs.
  3. Mission Strategist
    1. Work with Associational ministry teams, pastors, and churches in seeking out areas of missions development such as, but not limited to: Bible teaching points, preaching points, missions, resort missions points, chaplaincy, and mission VBS.
    2. Communicate with the churches, the needs, and opportunities for mission work in our area and beyond.
    3. Lead the churches to become involved in mission support through cultivation of mission education, mission giving, and mission action.
  4. Policies
    1. Honoraria: The DOAM may receive customary honorarium.
    2. Remunerations: The Association shall set the salary, allowances and reimbursements for the DOAM upon recommendation of the Administrative Team.
    3. Conferences and Conventions:
        1. The DOAM shall use all diligence to attend such denominational conventions as his expense allowance will permit.
        2. He will counsel with the Administrative Team on additional meeting outside the area of operations.
    4. Days Off: The DOAM shall be allowed two days per seven day week off.
    5. Interim pastorates: The Director of Associational Mission will consult with the Administrative Team to establish appropriate guidelines and time limits if he is requested to serve as interim pastor for an Association church. Regular progress reports will be made by the DOAM to the Executive Board during this time.

Administrative Ministry Assistant

Randa Riggs

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Randa serves as Administrative Assistant for Pecos Valley Baptist Association. She is married to Brett and they have one son, Carter, who was born in 2013 and one daughter, Kamrie Jo, who was born in 2016.  Randa grew up and graduated in Artesia.  After graduating she moved to the Las Cruces area to attend NMSU.  She graduated in 2010 with a bachelors degree in Business Administration.  After finishing college her and her husband decided to move back to Artesia to be closer to their parents.

Randa loves to cook, garden, craft, and crochet, but her all time favorite thing to do is spend time with her husband and kiddos.

Financial Ministry Assistant

Connie Stageberg

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Connie serves as the Financial Secretary for the Pecos Valley Baptist Assocation.  Connie has a son, a daughter and three grandchildren. 

Her son lives in Clovis with his wife Kara.  They have two children, Shae who was born in 2009 and Layton who was born in 2011.  Her daughter lives in Artesia with her husband Brett.  They also have two children, Carter who was born in 2013 and Kamrie Jo who was born in 2016.  She loves spending every moment that she can with her kids and grandkids.  She answers to "Lollie" when it comes to the grandkids.

Connie plays the piano at West Main Baptist Church.  She loves to work in her yard, cook, sew, craft and of course play with her grandkids. 


Communication Ministry Assistant

Cathy Pennington

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Cathy rejoined the Pecos Valley Baptist Association staff December 2016 after a brief retirement. She is a widow and the mother of two sons, Curtis and Eldon. Curtis has been employed at Navajo Refinery since 2000 and Eldon passed away Veteran's Day of 1995 while serving in the Army as a crew chief on a Black Hawk helicopter.

She is active with the Pecos Valley Baptist Association Disaster Relief Feeding Unit where she serves as the unit's Blue Hat and leads training for volunteers interested in being a part of the feeding unit ministy.

In addition to her position at PVBA she serves as the Office Manager, pianist and Sunday school teacher at Midway Baptist Church, Dexter NM where her husband served as pastor for over 25 years.  She is also a lease pumper for an independant oil producer.  

Her favorite pasttime is spending time with her son, Curtis, daughter-in-law, Cookie, her grandchildren (3 granddaughters and 3 grandsons) and all eleven of her great-grands. She enjoys photography, camping, hunting and fishing with her family.