Changing lives-one soldier at a time. At this website find information about the Military BibleStick being distributed to soldiers. Faith Comes by Hearing is also providing an opportunity for our troops to request a free New Testament for their spouse or loved one, and free Kidz Bibles to every one of their children.
The Purpose of Promise of Hope Ministries: To help people have an encounter with Jesus they can understand. For some people, this means meeting Jesus for the first time and realizing that He is relevant to their lives. For others, this means understanding how Jesus intersects with their lives in their current situation.
Located at High Praise Ranch, Raton NM, this bereavement camp is for children who have lost a loved one. The camp offers a program focused on helping them work with the loss, learn from their grief and find new HOPE after the loss. Our free, Christian-based service offers all the fun of a typical camp, along with group-therapy activities to assist the children with their bereavement process. These activities incorporate the use of music, games and play therapies; with the theme of offering true HOPE for their future. A Cowboy camp meeting will be held every night for both children and adults starting at 6:30pm.
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Please pray for our missionary family in Vancouver.