Disaster Relief Appreciation Day

Your town has experienced the “one hundred year flood.” Every house is filled with water. A lifetime of treasures are irreparably ruined. What do you do? Who do you turn to first?


If you said, “I fall to my knees and first turn to Jesus,” congratulations; that’s the right answer. Now . . . who do you turn to second??? If you said, “the folks in the yellow hats,” you have a perfect score!


Southern Baptist Disaster Relief began with a vote in 1966 to authorize the Home Mission Board to spend $50,000 to help provide aid in the midst of disasters. In 1967 Texas Baptists responded to Hurricane Beulah and a movement was born. It wasn’t many years later before New Mexico Baptists became involved.


Today New Mexico and Baptists respond to floods, fires, and other disasters (both natural and manmade) with an army of trained volunteers. These volunteers provide clean-up help, childcare, chaplains, food, and a host of other needs. We even have people who are trained to be incident commanders, the person who coordinates the work of all of the different relief teams at a particular disaster. Pecos Valley Baptist Association has one of the strongest and most active DR ministries in the state.


November 4 is Disaster Relief Appreciation Sunday. We want to say thank you to all of our DR volunteers across Pecos Valley. If you would like to join this team of volunteers, call our DR Director, Cathy Pennington at 575-746-7951. Be in prayer for our teams that are already on the field or on the way to provide relief after Hurricane Michael. If you would like to contribute to help in this critical mission outreach of the PVBA, you can give online at www.pecosvalleybaptist.com or mail your gift to the office at P.O. Box 267; Artesia, NM 88211.